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August 28, 2020

My name is Peter Kay. I write software that makes software reliable. My days consist of being a husband, dog dad, writing code, doing sysadmin stuff, and experimenting with stuff in electronics. I am an avid open source afficiando and support the OSS community. I also love music and dabble in music production on the side.

I sometimes blog and make wild guesses on why things don't work. I apologize for that. I also love learning about how to solve problems in new ways. I'm still working on that and on sharing what I learned via this site.

I also believe strongly in sharing the what, why, and how. Sharing the choices and mistakes we make today will hopefully help solve the problems we encounter tomorrow.

If you're still reading up to this part, thanks for hearing what I have to say. I hope you get something out of my random thoughts 😄

Peter Kay

Peter Kay

I write software that makes software reliable.


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