August 31, 2020

This project will go through my experience on installing and configuring an Arch Linux system and how I interpret what it should look like/function. I've been a big Windows user for a long time during my career and have worked in mixed Linux/Windows environments. I recently made the switch to use Linux as my main Operating System (OS) driver in 2017 to optimize my workflow both at home and at Stack Overflow.

One of the main reasons for switching to Linux is to avoid being trapped by Windows Update. With Linux and running Windows as a Virtual Machine (VM), I'm able to avoid having to wait for my system to finish updating to actually use it. This was a huge gain in efficiency for me and is why I gravitated to using Linux as my main OS.

In these series of posts, I will go through what I did and provide what resources I used to make it happen. A big part of this was scouring documentation and it can be very daunting at first. But hopefully these posts will alleviate some of the pain in getting Arch Linux up and running as your main OS.

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